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The Bleached, The Beautiful and The Damned

10 September
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I adopted a cute lil' cow fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

My Little Cow Fetus. He's so Udderly Adorable!! (How many pathetic jokes can one get away with in one lifetime? I think I have broken the record!!) I think I will call him "Klim" (coz of what It spells backwards, naturally!)
1920's, adore, amnesty international, ani difranco, antonio banderas, art, babes in toyland, bam margera, bangles, beauty, ben harper, billy corgan, bjork, black, black adder, black sabbath, british comedy, bubbles, clubbing, coal chamber, comics, controversy, corsarges, corsets, counselling, cradle of filth, craig nicholls, daria, deep purple, disturbed, donnie darko, drop dead fred, drums, edgar allen poe, elves, evanescence, faeries, family guy, fashion, fiona apple, fleetwood mac, fluffy stuff, friends, futurama, gay rights, george, ghost world, giggles, glitter, gothic, gothic stuff, grunge, guitars, harry potter, hat's, him, hole, human waste project, jem! and the holograms, jimi hendrix, johnny depp, killing heidi, kittie, knitting, kurt cobain, l7, lace, learning, led zepplin, lenore, les miserables, lilith, local artists, lollypops, lord of the rings, m c escher, majick, make up, manga, mat!!, metal, missy higgins, mittens, molly ringwald, monty python, moody blues, moulin rouge, mudvayne, muse, music, neon genisis evangelion, newlyweds, nougat honey log, opinions, orange chocolate, orlando bloom, ozzy osbourne, paganism, painting, pearls, perfume, phantom of the opera, photo's, piercing, piercings, pillows, pink, pink floyd, placebo, playstation2, pretty in pink, rainbow brite, red roses, roller skates, rose mcgowan, sailor moon, sex, shakespeare, sherbert, shirley manson, silverchair, singing, sixteen candles, songwriting, storms, stuart townsend, sunset polaroids, syd barret, system of a down, the breakfast club, the cure, the osbournes, the simpsons, the smashing pumpkins, the vines, thora birch, tori amos, toulouse loutrec, truth, turkish delight, vampires, ville valo, vintage, violin, viva la bam, weird people, white, wicca, witchcraft, zwan